A Journey of over a decade -In Pursuit of Inclusion

I was pretty happy with my corporate office job at Infosys until the birth of my son. Shaurya, my first child, is a special needs kid. Getting admission was a challenge as the schools were not accepting him. It made me realize that many parents, like me, would be going through similar struggles.

It was then my priorities changed, and the idea of starting a school dawned on me. With the blessings of my mother Mrs. Asha Dubey and the support of family members, I started The Asha Educational Society in 2014. I had a dream to create a world of inclusion.

It has taken a few years of struggle by us to open the minds of Indian society to accept the differently abled. We have nurtured this growth through optimism in bringing out the best in each special needs child. We have observed that nothing is beyond them. There is no limit to what they can achieve: be a model, perform on stage, win medals in extracurricular activities, or work in schools, offices, or shops.

A voice from the Heart

Shringi Dubey

Special Educator, Parenting Expert
NLP Practitioner, Social Activist
Certified Career Strategist

A few years ago, my life took an unexpected turn after the birth of my son Shaurya, a special needs child. At that time, I had no idea what needs to be done; all I knew was that I had to do something for my child and other kids like him.

As the founder and President of The Asha Educational Society, I wanted to bring about the changes that are so needed. And as we open up to transformation within ourselves, society also transforms; every change that each individual makes creates a chain reaction that benefits all. We have come across a long journey since then.

The Asha Educational Society made me introspect and reflect on my personal struggles, which transformed my perspective and professional focus.
There have been moments when I wondered in awe at the power of the human spirit. It gave me the strength and vision to set up ‘The Asha Educational Society’.

The Asha Educational Society is an outstanding example of a ‘profile of quality’, the journey has been one of discovery with an ever-deepening realization that each one of us can make a difference.

Our aim at The Asha Educational Society has always been normalization for our students. Following the high court order for inclusion, The Asha Educational Society has been a bridge for integrating highly functional special needs individuals into mainstream schools and incorporating students from the economically weaker sections of society into the mainstream through our NGO.

Every child is unique and has some extra needs, some more than others. An inclusive environment is beneficial for every child. Through the various approaches, our students not only learn but also use their learning differently. Our goal is to provide all students with the assistance they need to succeed as learners and achieve high standards, alongside their peers and friends. At last, I would only say Autism is not a disability; it’s only a different ability that we need to accept and understand in order to move ahead in life.

Even with all these efforts, there is always a question in parents’ minds, ‘What after us?’

To give these individuals meaning in life, we desire to build a better world for them where they could get love and respect, and take their decisions.