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With the Blessing of Mrs. Asha Dubey the school was conceptualized and founded by Mr. S Dubey in May 2015 at Thergaon in Pune.The school aims at imparting training and education to all children. The idea behind starting the School is that education should be considered as a basic need of all children, especially those diagnosed with special needs. Keeping this idea in mind, the school was registered under “The Asha Educational Society.” on June 2015

The Asha International Pre School was first started with only a handful of students. However, it quickly grew to reach out to more and more children. Today, It has a strength of hundred plus students and a staff of 20 trained professionals.


S. Dubey (Director)

Masters in management, Bachelor in Special Education, Masters in social work

From the pen of director

My Vision is to make a society where we are able to look at all our children with equity so that they can receive the respect every individual deserves. My mission of school is to bring all students together under the same roof in a shared community regardless of their strengths or weaknesses in any area. Through this, we seek to maximize the potential of all students. We are trying to make sure that each and every child feels welcome and that their unique needs and learning styles are not only addressed but also valued and cared.

Every child is unique and has some extra needs, some more than the others. An inclusive environment is beneficial for each and every child. Through the various approaches, our students not only learn but also use their learning differently. Our goal is to provide all students with the assistance they need to succeed as learners and achieve high standards, alongside their peers and friends. At last I would only say Autism is not a disability it’s only a different ability which we have to accept and understand in order to move ahead in life.