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The Asha International Pre school is an inclusive school for children with extra needs with a vision for a holistic and inclusive education system for them. Interaction with other children, equal participation in various activities, adapting to a new environment, role playing, providing a competitive environment etc. have also been our focus among many others.

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Playgroup learning gives stress on hands on learning experiences. Exploring the world around them, free play, pretend play, story time, art and music are some of the many activities planned for the day.


Children in nursery are exposed to a variety of experiences which enables them to become independent learners. The focus of this program is to instill life skills and problem solving skills.


Learning in kindergarten is focussed on building a strong foundation in reading, writing and numeracy skills. The priority is to instil independent and creative learning and thinking. being better.

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With the Blessing of Mrs. Asha Dubey the school was conceptualized and founded by Mr. S Dubey in May 2015at Thergaon in Pune. The school aims at imparting training and education to all children. The idea behind starting the School is that education should be considered as a basic need of all children, especially those diagnosed with special needs. Keeping this idea in mind, the school was registered under “The Asha Educational Society.” on June 2015.

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